Thursday, September 24, 2009

"WTF? Where's the Funding?" SJSU Rally - Round 2

A couple weeks ago, Students for Quality Education had announced at their rally that they would be back on Sept 22, the first day of furloughs for San Jose State, with an even bigger rally.  They delivered; with over 500 students and a number of faculty turning out, this has ended up being one of the largest student rallies held on the campus since the 70's.  What's even more impressive is the fact that this turnout happened on a day when there are no classes and thus no reason to be on campus!

Dubbed "WTF? Where's the Funding?" students rallied in the Campus Village Quad, where speakers included Sally Lieber (former Assembly Speaker Pro Tem), a member of ASI, a representative from Student Advocates for Higher Education (SAHE) and Jonathan Karpf, (Professor of Anthropology, Associate VP CFA) all addressed the crowd.  The most interesting moment was when one of the speakers asked the crowd how many of them wish they were in their class today, which was responded to with raised hands from almost everyone there.

Students then proceeded to march through campus, then through downtown, as they headed to the state building where a number of state legislators offices were located.

Through downtown:

At the state office:

San Jose actually contains a number of really strong supporters of higher ed, including Joe Coto and Jim Beall, to name a few, so students there announced their support for their work the assembly members were doing, chanted "Fund Higher Education!" and proceeded to march back to the front of the campus' President's Office, where students gave testimonials of the hardships they endured to get their education:

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