Thursday, September 10, 2009

San Jose State Rally - Round 1

Yesterday the San Jose chapter of Students for Quality Education (SQE) held a rally with over a hundred students.  Students spoke out against fee increases, furloughs, and cut classes.  Andrae & Julian, two of the SQE organizers of the event, announced that SQE had collected over 1,700 student complaint forms that outlined the various grievances students had with lack of classes, increased fees for a lower quality education, etc.  The students marched across campus and delivered these to the provost's office and demanded that the provost review them and take action to restore cut classes.  At the end of the rally, they announced that another rally will take place on the campus' first furlough day, September 22.  We'll have coverage of that rally when it happens.

The campus newspaper, the Spartan Daily, has more coverage of it here.