Friday, September 18, 2009

Protesters Arrested at UC Regents Meeting

It didn't take long for the UC Regents to play catch up with the CSU Board of Trustees: at their Sept 16 meeting in San Francisco they discussed proposed "solutions" to their budget woes that looked eerily similar to what the CSU Board of Trustees has already enacted: a 32% fee increase (though it's not the same dollar amount, it's oddly the same percentage increase that CSU student fees have gone up for this year), furloughs and layoffs for faculty and staff, and enrollment reductions.

And while UC President Mark G. Yudof said that, "Students have a right to be angry," what he apparently really meant was that they can be angry, but not not at the Regents' meeting itself:
The demonstrators, most or all UC employees, were handcuffed by UC police as they chanted, "Whose university? Our university." They were cited for trespassing and unlawful assembly and released, a university spokesman said.

Regents cleared the room during the disruption, during which the protesters stood shoulder to shoulder with a banner reading "People's Board of Regents."
It should be noted that according to the SF Chronicle many of the demonstrators were UC students, alumni, faculty and staff, and not just UC employees, as the above quote indicates.