Sunday, May 16, 2010

CSU East Bay's Limpia (Cleansing) of Warren Hall

On May 4, 2010 close to 100 students performed a very dramatic "limpia" (cleansing) of the bad energy emanating from Warren Hall, their campus administration building. From the director of the video:

We cleansed one of the most recognized buildings of CSUEB, Warren Hall. We did this "limpia" to get rid of all the bad energy budget cuts, tuition fee hikes and teacher/staff layoffs have brought to our campus.

"La Limpia de Warren Hall" had its grand opening on TENT CITY, a 24-hour event filled with music, performances and teach-ins put on by many of the most active CSUEB organizations.

Special thanks to Luz Calvo and Eric Kupers for all the help and support on this Limpia.

Directed/Edited by: Vidal Ramirez.

 Check out the video below:

Easily the coolest student protest I've seen all year.